Personal Mentorship

Greetings Seeker

If you have landed on this page, then you are a seeker.

The next question then must be: are you on a Sincere Search? And if so, what are you truly searching for?

If you are not sure, remember this is only an invitation. You can take the red pill or remain with your blue pill and continue believing what you want. But ask yourself sincerely. If it is the blue pill, you may now leave this website. If it is the red pill, carry on.

Perhaps you have heard the name Miltos Savvidis. Perhaps you have seen a Youtube video of a face with a certain vocal timbre. Perhaps you think you know who I am. Perhaps you believe I can help you. Perhaps you believe I can teach you how to trade. Perhaps you believe I can teach you how to be free. Perhaps you believe I can make you happy.

The truth is I am not who you think I am. I am not your teacher. I am not your coach. I am not your mother or your father. I am not your furu. I cannot make you happy.

All I can offer is Truth: my full and whole-hearted presence.

If you require access to my own personal, relative and temporary truths coloured by a memory bank of experiences, I am here, if you so desire.

You take what you need and leave the rest. You are responsible for your own experience.

You may be seeking to access your full performance potential in the financial markets, in a professional sport or in the arts.

You may be seeking for that elusive state of being known as ‘The Zone’ or ‘Flow’ or ‘Ecstasy’.

You may be seeking support in your personal relationships or you may be on a spiritually inclined search.

These are all areas that I am fundamentally passionate about in sharing and co-creating with you.

My Intention

I have spent the last 10 years studying the nature of the mind. The first 7 years I explored the mind through the frame of the professional derivatives trading arena in London. The last 3 years I have spent as a humble student of the Body and more specifically the Heart on varying levels through western and eastern teachings alike. My sole purpose is to deepen my understanding, and thus my relationship with Humans, with Nature and with the Divine.

Presently, my core personal values are of Truth, Love and Beauty. These are the constituents of my human compass, what I live, eat and breathe and I would be excited to share this with you, but only if you are serious about these values too. If you are serious, then we can play.


Until now I have only co-created with a very select few, that have approached me with great sincerity and earnestness. If you do reach out, please clearly state your intention and your desired pledge. There will be an interview where we will both have the opportunity to see if we are a fit for each other. Interviews will be 30 minutes long and will be priced at the agreed monetary pledge.

I offer my time on a sliding scale price to make this service available to people from every walk of life. You are at the liberty of pledging in a suggested range from 100 EUR/hour to 500 EUR/hour. If you wish to pledge more than this range, any extra monies will be donated to the most recent charitable cause that I am working on. For more information on these projects, please ask me.

If you are a student or you cannot afford the minimum pledge, please do not hesitate to approach me, if we are a good fit I will make something happen.

Currently my limit, per month, is 4 sessions of 2 hours each (8 hours total a month) with a maximum of 2 sessions per person per month.

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